How to make and Store Ginger Garlic Paste at Home

These two ingredients are like a match made in heaven! I use the ginger and garlic paste in almost all my savoury dishes. There are some dishes that call for either ginger on its own or garlic on its own.  At some point I found myself using so much of the ginger garlic paste and it was becoming tedious to always peel the two afresh each time. I decided to take control and found out how to make and store ginger garlic paste at home. Believe you me, my life became so much easier.

The proportions that you decide to use for your ginger garlic paste are a personal choice. I love having more garlic than ginger in my food because of this simple fact; I find ginger to be on the hot side of the food world and food can end up becoming unpalatable. If used in large quantities it can end up making you sweat (I mean it) because it warms up the body increasing the circulation rate, and, hence the sweating. Now, do not get me wrong, this is not necessarily a bad thing especially if you are nursing a cold.

I also love leaving my paste with some bit of texture. The beauty of making your ginger garlic paste at home is the versatility it offers you, you can opt to puree the  paste to a pulp if you prefer it this way.

How to select the Ginger and Garlic:

Fresh ginger and garlic can be found in the fresh produce part of the grocery stores or the farmers market. In Kenya, they are readily available in neighbourhood kisosks at very cheap prices. A ginger root retails at about Ksh. 10 ($0.12) while a garlic bulb retails at Ksh 20 ($0.24).

The skin of the ginger should be smooth and when pressed should be firm to the touch. Avoid any that looks wrinkly or withered. It should also be free of mold.

Garlic should have a smooth appearance and feel and should be devoid of any black powdery mold. The cloves should be firm to the touch and not soft and placid. The skin should also be white and papery.

How to Store Ginger Garlic paste:

It is advisable to store the ginger garlic paste in a glass or plastic container that is dry and airtight inside the refrigerator. You also have the option of freezing it into cubes for easier use whenever needed. Water will reduce the shelf life of your paste, therefore, it is advisable to store the paste with a spoon inside the container. But, if your container is not large enough to accommodate a spoon, always ensure that you use a dry one each time you scoop it out.

Always return it to the refrigerator immediately after scooping out the amount you need. In case you decide to store it in the freezer do not worry. The oil and salt that is added keeps it from ever freezing solid.


  • 1 cup garlic cloves
  • 1/2 cup 1 inch ginger cubes
  • 1 tablespoon salt
  • 2 tablespoons vegetable oil


  1. Place the ginger and garlic in a food processor
  2. Grind it for about one minute to a coarse paste.
  3. Add salt and oil and the grind for a further two minute to a consistency of your choice.
  4. Spoon into a dry airtight glass or plastic container. Cover and refrigerate. This mixture will keep for about two months in the freezer.

Jikoni Magic’s Tips:

  1. Do not at any point let any water come into contact with your ginger and garlic paste. Make sure the food processor, the ginger, the garlic, storage container and spoon are dry.
  2. You can add a small quantity of vinegar to increase the shelf life.
  3. Be careful of the amount of salt added because it might end up interfering with the results of your meals.
  4. You can enhance the flavour of your homemade ginger garlic paste by adding turmeric or green chilies or even coriander.
  5. Even if the the colour of your paste turns a slight brown colour it is okay. It will still impart the flavour you need in to your dish.


  1. Good Afternoon,
    Niko hapa U.S.A, and following your YouTube cooking! You’ve helped me a lot and I brag that I know you! Barikiwa.
    This morning I woke up with a biz idea. I would like to market and sell kenyan spices here in the US and in addition sell your magazine or cook books to accompany the spices. I would like as I continue to pray and believe in God for a breakthrough to begin talks with you.


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