Pumpkin Chapati Video Tutorial

In my continued quest to find the perfect chapatis I started experimenting with different ideas and possibilities. I came across very creative ways of making chapatis. Did you know that you can have peanut butter chapatis? Breakfast, snack and full meal all rolled into one. Or, Chapatis with potatoes (aloo paratha)? Your imagination is your limitation.

You can read all about My Journey to Pumpkin Chapati Success in case you missed it.

Before we get to making the best pumpkin chapatis ever there are a few things that we should understand.

What is the secret to the perfect chapatis?


  • Always try and have a dough that is not too hard or too soft. The consistency should be in between and elastic. What this means is that it should stretch and be pliable. 
  • Let it rest for a minimum of one hour, but if pressed for time 30 minutes will suffice.
  • After you have divided into balls, set them aside to rest for a minimum of 15 minutes.
  • Always cover your dough with a plastic wrap or a clean damp kitchen towel to prevent it from forming a hard crust on top.

Pan (Tawa):

  • It should always be pre-heated before starting to cook. 
  • If the pan is too hot the chapatis will burn before cooking properly and if it is too cold they will become hard. With practice you will learn how to have the perfect balance.

The video below will give you the step by step account of how to make the perfect pumpkin chapatis.


If you have any comments or question or comment please leave them below and let keep making the perfect chapatis!


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