I am a self taught home cook who is very passionate about food  loves sharing her recipes with the world. I am Kenyan, born and raised, and this is what forms the basis of my recipes. Showcasing Kenyan food as well as the rest of Africa is my goal.

This is a site about easy home cooking recipes, having fun with recipes, making mistakes and learning from them. I am always on the look out for new recipes or ways of making foods. I scour the internet, watch countless cooking shows, read food blogs and as many books as I possibly can to keep up with the new trends.

What is jikoni; you might be asking yourself. It is Swahili for “kitchen”. Therefore, it translates to “kitchen Magic!” I felt this was a very fitting description for my site. Everyday ingredients are transformed and come to life in the jikoni and before you know it, our easy home cooking recipes will be quite a collection!!

Come join me on this culinary journey as we come up with easy home cooking recipes that are heart warming, sometimes elegant and sophisticated or just easy thirty minute meals.


+Agnes Kalyonge

Email: info@jikonimagic.com