Super Soft Layered Chapatis Video Tutorial – They will just melt in your mouth

Have you always had this desire in you to make soft and layered chapatis that are  always guaranteed to impress?  Chapatis that are fluffy and light as air? Well, wonder no more!!  

Chapati is a flat unleavened bread made on a stove top.  you can either use all purpose flour, whole wheat flour or a mixture of both.

My journey in the quest to find the perfect mix of ingredients has been a long and rewarding one.  I have made “biscuit” like chapatis more times than I care to remember.  There were time when I almost gave up, but I kept at it.  I would eliminate one ingredient, increase the amounts of another or reduce another.  I experimented quite a lot before I came up with a recipe that I believe will “kick ass!”

I am always open to any questions or comments on what you see on my site.  So, feel free to leave your comment below regarding my super soft layered chapatis and I will definitely get back to you.


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