What is the Best Ice Cream Maker in the Market for Home Use?

The question in many ice cream lovers minds is this; what is the best ice cream maker for home use in the market for me? There is no simple and clear-cut answer to this question. The best would be to look at it from different angles, which we are going to explore.

There are many reasons why one would rate an ice cream machine as being the best. It might be because of the affordability, availability (from a store near you), ease of use, durability and above all makes the best ice cream ever.

The most affordable brands might not necessarily be the best and the reverse is also true. Some of the cheaper brands can give you good ice cream but they will require a lot of rock salt and ice to make just a single batch. They will also end up occupying a very large space on your counter-top.

Tips for buying ice cream makers:

  • Are you going to be making your ice cream occasionally or are you going to be a regular ice cream maker? Are you serious about the quality of ice cream you eat or will any quality do, as long as it tastes good? If you are planning on making ice cream frequently then the best choice for you would be the higher end (more expensive models) because they can withstand a continuous churning of ice cream batches.
  • Another thing to consider is the freeze bowl aspect. This is because you have to freeze the bowl for up to 24 hours before you can use it. Therefore, you will not be able to make continuous batches consecutively. You can solve this by buying an extra bowl.
  • How much noise is too much? All ice cream makers generate some level of noise. This is because they come equipped with motors, paddles and in some instances, compressors (in the self-freezing models).
  • How much ice cream will you be making or another way of looking at this it this, how many servings will you serving on a regular basis? A quart of ice cream has eight servings because, generally, a serving is about 1/2 a cup.
  • Will it be easy to clean after use?
  • How long will it take to make an ice cream batch? This is important because it will be dependent on the time you have available or are willing to spare on your ice cream making.
  • Does the ice cream machine come with warranty and if so, how long does it last?
  • Is it versatile? Can you make other frozen treats like frozen yoghurts and sorbet?
  • Are the spare parts easily available and does it come equipped with accessories like timers.
  • Another criterion to keep in mind when choosing the best ice cream maker in the market is whether it is easy for kids to use. There is a product that just fits the bill. This is the play and freeze ice cream ball. Your young ones will not get their fingers accidentally trapped in it or run a risk of having moving parts that could potentially hurt them. It is great because it can be used anywhere, be it during camping trips, picnics, right in your kitchen and many more. It is also comes with a one year warranty. To kick-start your ice cream making adventure, it comes equipped with recipe booklet.

What are the different basic types of ice cream makers?

1. Manual:

They come with a bigger outer bowl, a smaller inner bowl and a paddle. The smaller bowl is filled with the ice cream mixture and placed inside the bigger bowl. The hollow space that is left between them is filled with a mixture of salt and ice. The paddle is attached to a hand crank that is rotated and turns it. This is kept up until the mixture freezes.

2. Automatic or electric machines:



  • Freezer Bowl: It works by first freezing the bowl in the freezer compartment. The bowl has a hollow compartment that is filled with a liquid that sloshes around before being put in the freezer. Therefore, as you have already guessed, the bowl is ready for use once the liquid stops sloshing around in the compartment of the bowl. In fact Cuisinart Pure Indulgence 2-Quart Automatic Frozen Yogurt, Sorbet and Ice Cream Maker is one the best machines available in the market.
  • Rock Salt: works on the same concept as the manual one above. The only difference is that it uses electricity to turn the paddle.

So, guys, as you have discovered, buying an ice cream maker should be done after carrying out a comprehensive research. I am confident that the above guidelines, will lead you into making a very informed decision. Happy ice cream making!

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  1. Found your channel today. Loved the chapati recipes.

    I’ve been going through ice cream videos on youtube since I want to make some myself. There are several that make it without an ice cream maker. I was wondering if you could do one of those with locally available ingridients.


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